Frac Water Remediation

In the Hydraulic Fracturing process a large volume of by-product are generated. A huge demand for waste water treatment, specifically Frac Water Remediation has been created.

Bobeaux Trucking

Our friends at Bobeaux Trucking provide trucking and oilfield services, specializing in Frac Sand Hauling logistics and frac water remediation services.


The Water De-Salination process purifies Drinking Water and produces high quality salt

Salt Recovery systems can recover salt from brine solutions.

Aluminium Dross Recovery

In the recovery process for Aluminium Dross you end up with a by-product called Aluminum Salt Cakes. When you further process the salt cake you can recover small amounts of residual aluminum metal, salt and Aluminum Oxide Residue.

Water Stuff

If you live in an area that has naturally hard water ( a high lime content ) than you need to use a Water Softener system. You are required to add Water Softner Salt on a regular basis.

In an effort to maintain safe drinking water many people use Water Filtration Systems and ultra-violet Water Treatment Equipment.

Solar Water Heater

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